Americana, for all intensive purposes, is roots based music. Sounds, songs, and stories are as much a part of the region as they are apart of the artist. Although the Americana generally adopts regional sounds and sub-genres and provides a platform with a wider national and international reach, we have to wonder what we as listeners might be losing when not defining a song or a band by where it/they comes from. Geographically where does Americana start and better yet.. where does it end? 

Cody Canada, formerly of "Cross Canadian Ragweed" and currently of his new band Cody Canada & The Departed"- is a poster-child for the sub-genre known as Red Dirt Country. A form of music developed between Oklahoma and Texas that generally mixes rock and roll-based sound with country-style songwriting. With a style of music that's pretty well-defined as such, does it count as Americana? On Americana Podcast: The 51st State, Canada discusses regionality, influences and his newest work in music education on the first ever live episode- recorded at Gruene Hall in New Braunfels, TX. 

Host, Robert Earl Keen speaks with frontman and lyricist BJ Barham of the band American Aquarium.

BJ Barham, originally from Rockingham North Carolina, started American Aquarium in 2006. Despite going through a number of members, Barham has stuck with the band through and through acting as the front man and primary lyricist throughout its changes. Touring anywhere from 200 to just over 300 dates a year in its earlier years, BJ recognized early on that in order to have a career as a musician it would take hard work and dedication. Leaving no market untouched, and no stoned unturned- American Aquarium has traveled all over the world and has gained a deeply loyal fan base.
With seven records to their name and an additional solo record of BJ's, American Aquarium is is notable for songs lyrically geared towards the working class but backed by Tom petty-esque sound. In writing personal takes on life, and songs about struggling points in the south, American Aquarium's discography almost acts as a musical love letter from one hard worker to another.

Historic music venues are such special places. Beacons of history and culture, these venues are ones act almost as a road between the past and the present. For newer musicians taking the same stage as their heroes- and audiences getting to be apart of that moment, is a magical experience. 

On this episode of Word on the Street, Americana Podcast speaks with talent buyer, Mark McKinney of Floore's Country Story. Floore's celebrated its 75th anniversary of operation in 2017 and has been a staple for Texas audience and touring musicians alike. Mark has worked at Floore's for the last 18 years and his work there has always been in the interest of making for a better experience for bands and fans whilst preserving the venue's historical integrity. 

On Americana Podcast: The 51st State, Robert Earl Keen speaks with The White Buffalo aka Jake Smith. Smith has a way a way of combining plain-speak lyrics with punk-like acoustic chord progressions that become all the more powerful when partnered with his resounding and unmistakeable baritone. 

Smith's work was used heavily in the hit show "Sons of Anarchy" and his last record Darkest Darks, Lightest Lights was released in 2017. On this episodes, REK and Jake Smith discuss his songwriting, paired-down touring, and their thoughts on Americana music. 

The legendary songwriter Blaze Foley died tragically in 1989. His catalog has lived on in the hearts of music lovers everywhere and was brought back to life in the biopic "Blaze". Adapted from Sybil Rosen's book "Living in the Woods in a Tree" and directed by Ethan Hawke, the film was released in 2018 and introduced the world to musician/actor, Ben Dickey.

Ben Dickey has been playing music most of his life, with an approach that borders between a high-level academic and universal mystic. His latest record, "Glimmer on the Outskirts" in March 2019. 

In today's episode, host Robert Earl Keen, speaks with Dickey about his work on "Blaze", the mystical parallels of life, and his new record. 

At Americana Podcast: It is out goal to define and expand on the term Americana as it applies to music.

Word on the Street are brief interviews with music industry professionals and dedicated music lovers alike.

On this episode of our Word on the Street segment, we speak with author, producer, and Americana champion Tamara Saviano. Saviano is a prolific author, Grammy-award-winning producer, music leadership activist, publicist.. the list is truly never ending. It seems every where you look in the history of Americana music, Tamara has been present. 

In this episode of Americana Podcast, Tamara talks about her writing, her new documentary and the importance of staking claims in Americana music. 

Since the word Americana was first used in application to music, Reckless Kelly has championed it throughout their career. Beginning in Idaho and moving down to Austin, TX, Reckless Kelly has had a long and fulfilling career without any signs of slowing down. Having made 9 studio records, attracted a loyal following, and overseen the transition of the famed Braun Brother Reunion from regional celebration to a three-day music festival- Reckless shows little sign of slowing down.

On Americana Podcast: the 51st State, Reckless Kelly discuss with host, Robert Earl Keen, about their road-worn upbringing, professional trials and tribulations of running a successful band, and the reason why they have stuck by Americana since the beginning. 

Welcome to our Word on the Street Segment of Americana Podcast! As part of our goal to define and expand the term Americana in regards to music, Word on the Street is a brief interview with either music industry professionals or a dedicated music lovers. "Word on the Street" is released two weeks after episodes of "Americana Podcast: The 51st State".

Our first episode of "Word on the Street" features Mike Morgan of The Zone Recording Studio. Morgan has been in the recording industry for over 35+ years and has overseen the production of artists such as The Flatlanders, Ray Wylie Hubbard, Turnpike Troubadours and so many more. On this interview Morgan discusses his decision to become a studio owner/operator, some of his favorite recording experiences and the growing pains found in Americana.

Robert Earl Keen talks with singer/songwriter Bruce Robison. During his career, Robison has written hits for acts including but not limited to Tim McGraw and George Strait. On this episode, Bruce Robison discusses his songwriting, changes in music production, and his thoughts on how to expand the reach of Americana music.  

Host Robert Earl Keen speaks with Brian Venable and Ben Nichols of the band Lucero. Having celebrated their 20th anniversary as a band in 2018, Lucero talks about longevity, their growth as musicians and their particular take on Americana music. 

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